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Structured financial solutions

for funds, general partners,

and alternative investors

Fund Restructuring Solutions

About CSC

Founded in early 2015, CSC is an investment firm whose core mandate is to pursue investment opportunities tied to special situations in middle-market private equity and venture capital funds.

CSC has expertise in providing funds with customized restructuring solutions aimed at tackling GP-LP alignment issues, oftentimes by giving fund managers renewed incentives to extract maximum value out of their remaining portfolios, while at the same time offering attractive liquidity options to existing LPs.

The firm is focused on identifying opportunities in middle-market funds, underwriting remaining portfolio assets and investing capital via CSC-led restructuring transactions.

CSC will also opportunistically make secondary-direct investments in growth stage companies.


Attractive Opportunities for Capital Deployment

CSC takes an opportunistic view to investing, seeking out special situations in private fund vehicles as an opportunity to deploy capital in shorter duration investments with minimal blind pool risk, providing its investors with superior risk-adjusted returns versus traditional private fund investments.

Liquidity Options for
Existing Investments

CSC provides alternative asset sellers with an experienced team who will leverage its vast network of limited partner, general partner, and industry relationships to provide quick feedback around potential liquidity solutions for individual sellers as well as broader investor pools.

Restructuring Solutions
for Fund Managers

CSC offers General Partners many benefits from liquidity options for their limited partners to attractive fund restructuring solutions.  CSC seeks special situations in private funds with an emphasis on re-incentivizing management teams to build value in existing portfolio investments.


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